Welcome to Effective Performance Solutions

Our mission: To improve business capabilities in the form of profitability by aligning people and processes

  • In today’s work environment, businesses face many challenges. The demands to “provide more with less” are magnified by budgetary constraints, a shortage of skilled workers, global competition, and ever-changing legal and governmental requirements.
  • In order to profit and achieve corporate goals, organizations have been required to closely review and evaluate their people and processes. And, to maximize profitability, people and processes must be aligned.
  • Our approach is relationship-based; that is, we partner with your organization to promote long-term sustainability.
  • Our expertise and value lies in supporting the implementation of whatever intervention are required to improve performance. We do not just present a plan and leave. Our commitment requires this partnering relationship to measure progress to assure alignment with implementation parameters.
Client Testimonials
Your workshop based on “The Speed of Trust” gave us tools and vocabulary to further build trust in both our organization and in our personal lives. I wholeheartedly recommend this workshop as well as other services to personnel in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors, as well as organizations of all sizes.

Executive Director, Lutheran Towers, Atlanta, GA.

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Human Resources Services

The Human Resources element of the organization is the link which encompasses people management. Guidelines for policy interpretation and administration generally flow through HR.

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Training Services

No “Sheep – dipping” allowed! Training interventions fail for a variety of reasons. Our experience indicates that many times training is not the proper intervention to address a particular problem...

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Professional Services

Our team of industry experts can provide value-added services in a variety of disciplines. Based on the strategic direction of the organization, we can offer support tailored to provide guidance by establishing benchmarks...

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Leadership Skills

In order to meet the ever-changing challenges in the workplace, managers and supervisors must develop essential leadership skills. Successful leaders are those that realize that goals and objectives are achieved by guiding...

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